Free baby stuff

How to give things a second life for your baby

Having a baby is expensive. Especially if it is your first child, and you do not have the clothes, accessories and pieces of furniture from older brothers and sisters to limit the number of things you will have to buy. The first thing to ask yourself, if you do not have a big budget for baby-related accessories, is probably if everything you believe you must buy is absolutely necessary. For example, many parents choose not to buy a baby stroller, and prefer to get a good infant carrier or a baby wrap to carry their child until the baby can walk, and a car seat that can be used as a nest for baby to rest in when you are away from home. It really comes down to personal preference. Consider everything you can avoid buying, by choosing other ways of doing things, for example. Also consider breastfeeding your child. That way, you will save hundreds of dollars in baby formula, not to mention the countless benefits for your health and for your baby's health.

Also, think about the other children in the families close to you. You probably know families who have had children a few years ago. Ask your friends or family members who already have children if they can give or lend you some accessories or other objects, like baby carriers, baby wraps, strollers, car seats, changing tables and pads, nursery pillows, or even a bed. However, if you get a second hand bed that has already been used in another house, consider buying a new mattress, for safety reasons.

Then, have a look on the Internet, on websites like Kijiji for example. Many of these classified ad sites have a free section, where people just give away the things they don't need or want anymore. Have a look, and you might find some interesting free stuff for babies, and even for moms. Consider looking for garage sales, charity sales and other sales where you can find cheap or free baby stuff, and you might be able to get just the free stuff for new born that you need. Have a look around you, look on the sidewalks in your neighbourhood, particularly at the end of the month, when people move and might just throw away many things, which may also allow you to get free stuff for kids. Sometimes you may even find real gems that are just left behind or thrown away. That way, you will be able to save on your baby budget, which will allow you in turn to have more money for other things.