New born babies bring a lot of joy to their new parents and family. And, as you may have observed, it often requires a lot of money to get them clothing, food and provide baby comfort products. So the big question is how can one provide their baby with everything that they need, with so little money?

If used baby products are your response, whether bought or given to you, you are certainly right. Used baby items will save you a lot of money. But, are they ideal for babies? To get the right answer, one must appreciate that newborns grow very fast. This is where purchasing used baby items can be of big help. With the number of used baby clothing shops, you can clothe your baby for a portion what new clothing would generally cost. And, with thorough washing and disinfecting such items are quite safe got your baby.

But, what about used baby items that might not be safe to purchase? What items should you avoid or thoroughly examine? Well, the first item on the list is used cribs. Here, you have to be very cautious when seeking a used bed as you don't know the dangers that lurk in this kind of acquisition. If the bed is nearly new and effectively constructed it should be good. But, you may want to avoid older baby cribs. The reasons are: for one the bed may not fulfil current safety regulations. For example, bed panels should not be too wide, in order to prevent the child's body from getting trapped. Also, the bed mattress must fit firmly so that the child cannot get trapped between the bed and the mattress. Another reason is that used beds rarely come with the appropriate guides. So you could set up the bed wrongly, making it risky for your baby.

Some other product that you should really watch out when buying it used is baby furnishings. You have to ascertain that it does not contain any lead in it. The same applies for used car seats, which can be fine if nearly new. However, if the user manual is missing, and you don't know how to use it, don't buy the seat.

This is not all. You should also take a lot of precaution when buying used toys. If you're tempted to get old toys and used games for your baby, think twice. While they may be outstanding collectible items, they may not be safe for baby. Yes, yes, it could be true that you also played with similar toys through your child years, but there new requirements for toys and games now. Some of these old toys and games could be with lead-based paints and this is a real danger to your baby.

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