Although this competition is not broadcasted live on any television channel and it hasn’t an official calendar, mommies all over the world have to be the judges and to take this decision every day. The pressure is pretty high because we’re talking about the most precious tush in the world: your baby’s.

So, we thought the experiences of other mothers that had to deal with this hard decision might help you find a way to settle this fight. It is pretty clear now that the most famous and popular diaper brands in the world are Pampers and Huggies. They’ve established their supremacy in the world of diapers, and are the incontestable leaders. But only one brand can win this important fight. Who will be the diaper that will receive the important mission of taking care of your baby’s soft and sensitive tush?

The reputation of the manufacturing companies

There’s basically nothing to talk about here. Both brands are manufactured by companies that have a solid reputation. Pampers is manufactured by Procter & Gamble, while Huggies belong to Kimberley Clarke. From this point of view, there is no distinction between Pampers and Huggies. You can trust both companies.

The product lines and sizing

Each brand comes in different sizes according to the age and weight of your baby. Pampers have the Swaddlers and Baby Dry designed especially for newborns and infants, and the Cruisers and Baby Dry for toddlers. The Pampers Easy Up diapers are perfect for toilet training, while the Underjams is a bedwetting product. The biggest size available is 7 and is available for the Underjams category. Pampers also has diapers for premature babies, which can be found under the name of Preemie.

Huggies on the other hand sells Little Snuggles for newborns and infants up to 10lb, and the Little Movers for older infants and toddlers. Huggies also manufactures Snug & Dry diapers, designed with a “LeakLock” feature meant to keep away the moisture, and overnight diapers – Goodnites. For toilet training, you can find the Pull Ups diapers. You can find Huggies diapers from size 1 to 6, the last two sizes (5 and 6) being designed for preschoolers and adolescents.

So, considering all of the above, we can say that this category doesn’t help us too much either. Both brands come in a great variety of sizes.

The quality of the fabrics

This is the category that will have the last word and will help you make your decision. Mothers agree that Pampers have a softer fabric both on the inside and on the outside of the diaper, while Huggies feel a bit like plastic.

Also regarding the sticky strips, Pampers have more of a Velcro strip, which is a part of the diaper itself. Huggies come second again because they have sticky strips that are attached to the diaper. This means that during the diaper changing process, these will flop and fold into the diaper, requiring an extra effort from the parent to complete their mission. Moreover, the Huggies sticky strips usually end up stuck to different objects like baby wipes, blankets, and even the baby, before getting stuck to the diaper. During the day this might not be such a big problem, but when night comes everything gets more blurry, and the one thing you don’t need is a sticky strip that seems to get stuck to everything but the diaper.

Due to its Velcro style strips, a Pampers diaper is easier to handle. The design of the diaper allows the baby’s waist to be completely wrapped, so there won’t be any risk for your babies to lose the diaper during their activity. And we all know how busy a baby can get! Also, the Velcro strips make sure that any leakages are not acceptable, the absorbent material keeping your baby’s skin dry. Pampers designed their openings around the baby’s legs from a soft and stretchy material, adding extra protection for the sensitive skin of your baby. Huggies have a pretty wide opening around the legs, so there is always the risk of leakings.

Considering all of the above, many mothers have reached the same decision: Pampers win! But the best thing you could do is to order some free samples of both Pampers and Huggies and see for yourself who deserves to be the winner.