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FREE baby samples + 20 Baby-Dollars

+ Chance to win our 200$ Baby basket!

Kids Free Samples has helped over 220 000 parents-to-be and new parents to get a bunch of FREE samples since 2009. Many testimonials have confirmed how satisfied parents were with the samples they received and the draw price they won! Now, we still provide baby free samples, but you will also receive 20 Baby-dollars, right after you register, which you can redeem from our very exclusive online catalogue of gifts. So, good luck with our monthly draw, check the mail for your free baby samples and have a great shopping tour!

FREE Registration
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If you are like most moms, you want what is best for your baby, and that includes as many

free baby samples

as you can get. You may also want the chance to win our fantastic baby kit, called "Welcome to your family", which you will receive at home, if you win our monthly draw. With a value exceeding $200, it contains many useful and funny baby things! How does that sound? Would you like, on top of it, to receive Baby-Dollars that you can then redeem against great gifts and tools from our exclusive Baby Loving Care collections? If you do, you simply need to fill out our clear form now.

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If you first want to have a look at our exclusive collections of gifts for new parents and parents-to-be, or to be able to redeem gifts, in addition to the baby free samples you will receive from baby item manufacturers in Canada, just click here…

If you want to find out more details before subscribing, then click on each of the questions for which you would like an answer, in the tabs below. You will find all the information you still need…

The reality of free baby samples…

Some parents and parents-to-be let their disappointment show on some internet forums, writing things like: "I never received the stuff I was supposed to get." Or: "I keep getting publicity calls and emails now".

At Baby Loving Care, these parents' comments encouraged us to want to do more and to be different. We believe these parents, as the

free baby items Canada

are supposed to be sent by major manufacturers, like Enfalac, Similac, Huggies, Nestlé, Heinz, Pampers, etc. They might send them, but who is responsible when parents stay empty-handed? Because we have been around for a long time, we have noticed how many start-up internet companies lie to parents, by using their contact details, but without sending any

free baby items Canada


Therefore, if you see a website with vague statements, without any testimonials from satisfied members, or without the names and pictures of draw winners, be careful. Also stay away from websites on which the privacy policy is very short, vague, or even absent.

You may not believe that you can receive

baby free samples Canada

. We can however assure you that our systems have always allowed us to deliver what we were responsible for: We always send your information directly and electronically to the websites of important baby items providers.

How can I know that what the Baby Loving Care network offers is
better than the other offers?

Since 2009, it has been our priority to continuously and constantly improve our offers and exclusive rewards, aiming to be as independent as possible from the major free baby samples providers. That is why we have created our own collections of exclusive gifts, books, and useful tools for parents and parents-to-be.

Are you going to send us free baby samples,
+ your Baby-Dollars to redeem + your monthly draw of the baby kit?

This is the essence of our offer! We will keep sending automatically your electronic request for free baby items to the product providers we have carefully chosen in Canada. However, remember that the result will only depend on them, but rest assured that we will have transmitted your request, and we have received many testimonials from members who confirm that they got the requested

baby free samples Canada


What will I get, on top of the free
baby items?

Well, you can win our great kit "Welcome to your family" thanks to our monthly draw, which will be delivered at your door for free. Its value is over $200. Would you like a proof of it? Just look at our testimonials, and at the list of our previous winners on our homepage ;)

On top of it, you will benefit from our innovative spirit with our "Parent Baby-Dollars" program, which will give you access for free to many gifts and EXCLUSIVE tools, created by us for you and your baby. With this program, you can quickly, and simply earn Baby-Dollars, which you can then redeem against our unique gifts, from our own collections. You can have a look at our catalog of exclusive tools for parents and parents-to-be by clicking here…

How can I sign up easily?

Click here... You will immediately receive 20 Baby-Dollars that you can redeem right away, if you wish to, in our "Catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for parents and parents-to-be" as soon as your registration is complete.

Can I get more Baby-Dollars to redeem
more free gifts and tools?

Indeed, yes you can!

Encourage a person you know, who is a parent-to-be or new parent, to sign up to our network. That way, your friend will enjoy the same great benefits as you for free, and you will automatically receive 30 additional Baby-Dollars as soon as they register. It is our way to thank you for allowing a new member to benefit from our exclusive offer in addition to the baby free samples. This will allow you to get other EXCLUSIVE and INNOVATIVE tools from our collections, FOR FREE!

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